Textbook - Chapter 7 (Middle Years and the Not-So-Empty Nest)

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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

Class FRHD1020 Couple and Family RelationshipsProfessorS MurrayTextbookThe Family DynamicA Canadian Perspective Fifth EditionAuthorsMargaret Ward and Marc BelangerPublisherNelsonISBN 9780176502003Chapter 7 The Middle Years and the NotSoEmpty NestLearning ObjectivesTo show the place of the middle years as a transition in the family life cycleTo explore the transitions that occur for both children and parents during the middle yearsTo describe the stresses on the parents from both the child and grandparent generationsMidlifeages of 40 or 45 and 64 period of reevaluation of life course so far Some set off in new directions in work or family relationshipsChildren may be toddlers or emerging adultsTHE PARENT GENERATION AT MIDLIFERobert and Ann Miller in the Niagara Peninsula in 1800s had 14 children born when mom was 20 and the youngest when she was 45 Child rearing consumed 45 years of her lifeParents more concerned with individual or couple pursuitsCurrent midlife generation consists of baby boomers2006 hey were 4160 years old largest group in rdthe population nearly 13 Working population getting older At nearly 37 million they now make up 169 of working populationMedian age of population is 39Table 71Population by Selected Age Groups1991 2001 2011 2021Total Population1991200120112021millions273300339366Age Group 3544millions437510474511proportion160170140140Age Group 4564millions5377299721001proportion197243287273Middle years of adulthood have now joined child rearing as the longest stages in lifeMidlife group is diversefirsttime parents to grandparents 2025 year span peak of careers to retirement Any generalizations about this group will fit only parts of the populationFamily life cycletransitional involves major readjustment of family system new boundaries drawn as to who is a family member as children age and move out new roles to be establishedStressorsa life event that can produce change in the family system ie parenthood death Interpersonal tensionsarguments about financesMost important resources are family friends and professionals Figure 71Developmental Periods in Early and Middle AdulthoodLate adulthood65 Late adulthood transition60 Culmination of middle adulthood55 Age 50 transition50 Entering middle adulthood45 Midlife transition40 Settling down
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