Textbook - Chapter 16 (Predicting future of family)

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Family Relations and Human Development
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FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

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Class FRHD1020 Couple and Family RelationshipsProfessorS MurrayTextbookThe Family DynamicA Canadian Perspective Fifth EditionAuthorsMargaret Ward and Marc BelangerPublisherNelsonISBN 9780176502003Chapter 16The Crystal ballPredicting the Future of the FamilyLearning ObjectivesTo consider the implications for the future of an aging populationTo look at what forms families will likely take in the future and what changes in roles will followTo consider the impact of technology on the familyTo examine the impact of government policies on familiesAN AGING POPULATIONPopulation is becoming older because of aging babyboomer generation the low birth rate and advances in medical technologyBy 2026 they will be aged 6080 and most will be retiredWhat Does an Old Population MeanWho will support the growing number of seniors What new or expanded services will be neededHow much will the costs of medical care increase as seniors ageDependency ratioa way of comparing dependents to providers who are in the workforceIncrease immigration to attract younger workersTax burden will fall on smaller working population who can less readily afford the costResidential care programsfacilities will need to expandMore generations alive now than ever before children know grandparentsgreatgrandparentsDIFFERENT TYPES OF FAMILIESTraditional familyhusband wife and biological children More people living alone Women outliving husbands and live alone Marriage patterns changing cohabitation increasing definition of marriage chan
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