Couple and Family Relationships Ch.3 Text book Summary

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Family Relations and Human Development
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FRHD 1020
Sarah Murray

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COUPLE AND FAMILY RELATIONS CHAPTER 3 SUMMARYMarriage is the norm in our societySociety encourages norms Ex family members match making media and advertisements etc A benefit of being single is personal freedom The number of people living together before marriage is increasing Homosexual relationships are becoming more common and people are more open about it No longer have to be married to have childrenSetting the Family Cycle Turning Courtship process of mate selection is the most common way of starting the family life cycle Erik Erikson believes establishment of intimacy is most important developmental task in young adulthood Intimacy can be expressed in friendship or in a sexualromantic relationship Building the foundation for the couples relationship is the second developmental task The patterns of relationships are established from the earliest interchanges between partnersIn arranged marriages the basis of the relationship is developed before marriage but personal aspects dont develop until after marriageMate Selection and Society Courtships are divided into two basic streams those decided by the couple and those decided by the families of the couples Both are tied to the values and traditions of the cultures that support the couple In Asian Indian men financially support their wife and children and women are not regarded as wage earners so they are devalued as a financial liabilityMarriages are arranged to maintain status and to increase family economic wellbeing In North American cultures everyone is responsible for their success as well as their families If a family fails the extended family is not expected to help like it is in Asian or Indian society Structural functionalists believe cultural values norms and roles are maintained through socialization Symbolicinteractionists believe socialization occurs in everyday activities with those around usThe Courtship Continuum Arranged marriages lie on one end of a continuum while selfchosen lie at other end Many fall in between with some taking their parents opinion in to account as well as in arranged marriages the couple will often not be forced to marry if either opposes Arranged marriages tend to focus more on the benefit of the new union while selfchosen marriages tend to emphasize shared emotions such as love and companionship Men use material assets job car education to attract mates where women use appearanceArranging Marriages In some societies children are used to preserve or improve social standing through marriage Many families dont believe their children are capable of doing so so they arrange marriages Some factors that may be considered are eligibility similarity of background horoscopes family and social position and if the couple is lucky personality
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