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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 1100
Theo Selles

Behaviour Modification: Chapter2: Discussion:  roles and importance of encouragement, individuals that will inspire you and harder when you don't have any to inspire you, connect with people, so you don't have to deal with it alone Internal vs External Locus of Control:  achievers take responsibility for lack of success and take cred it for their success  Underachievers blame others for lack of success and believe success was due to luck  Achievement motivation: -internal : feel that their achievements and they have everything in their hands, they have power, responsibility for your action - healthy, have the ability to do something - external: predestined, they have no control, believe they cannot do anything -out of my control: bad exam mark blamed on prof, not enough studying time - think about in terms of success, exams, who study for the exam get good marks take Achievement: to excel oneself, the ability to raise yourself up, > people are motivated by fear of failure for hope for success, >hope for success more successful = positive, forward goal to look to, driving force, afraid of the failure = anxiety, fixate on the failure , make them unable to be successful -Striving for a goal: depends on your desire to achieve, 2, your expectation of success, 3) the incentive value of success -study hope for success/failure of fear = visualization of success/ vs failure one more likely to be more successful What motivates you do things you enjoy feel good, excitement, stress relief, freedom, What motivates you to do things you dont enjoy: focusing on results in the future, what you don't enjoy doing, enjoys what you are doing., what happens if you don't do chess, television, driving/ excitement, fun, happiness work,readings, exercise Intrinsic: -essential to ones existence, comes from within -self reflective, Extrinsic: -outside of ones self, from without Intrinsic: - if you wanted to work, you wanted to see the results (intrinsic), (extrinsic) people influence results Reason to Study Health and Wellness Intrinsic: - the joy of learning, - feeling of accomplishment -a desire to grow and self actualize -satisfy curiosity -understand self/health Extrinsic:/External -good grades -recognition from others -avoidance of embarrassment Find motivators that support both, but extrinsic reasons makes you vulnerable for always needing them, vs intrinsic you can always count on yourself Behaviour Modification: Classical Condition
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