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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Cindy Clarke

Chapter 15: Sexual Variations Normal vs Deviant sexual Behaviour • Western culture has oral sex as dirty, violates societal norms for acceptable behaviour and is considered deviant • Today its considered sexual behaviour typical Paraphilia • Sexual arousal in response to unusual stimuli such as kids or other non-consenting individual, nonhuman objects (shoes, leather, rubber), pain or humiliation • Psychiatric diagnosis happens when the person acts on urges in a socially unacceptable or harmful way, or be distressed by them • Usually feel urges are insistent, demanding or compulsive • Vary in severity; in some cases people can function sexually in absence of stimuli, others report paraphilia behaviour, and others may not be aroused without either thinking or being in the presence of stimuli. • Some harmless and victim less, use of fetishism and cross-dressing • Moser (2001) proposed concept of sexual interest disorder instead of paraphilia, as the behaviours itself is not the issue • Sexual sadism: arousal connected to hurting or humiliating another person Fetishism • When an inanimate object elicits sexual arousal • May act upon urges by masturbating while stroking or fantasizing about an object • Partialism: excessively aroused by a particular body part • Very rarely coerced others into activities Transvestism • Excited by wearing articles of clothing of other genders • May find the object erotically stimulating • Mostly male, many don’t seek to permanent sex change • Study found it associated with separation from parents, same-sex sexual experiences, use of pornography, high rates of masturbation and paraphilia’s sexual masochism, exhibitionism and voyeurism Exhibitionism • Have persistent, powerful urges and sexual fantasies that involve exposing their genitals to unsuspecting strangers • Almost always male • Typical thought to be young, lonely, or in an unhappy male-female relationship and sexually repressed • Usually begins before age 18, urge (but not act) emerges between 13 and 16 • Ontario study found 17% convicted of violent crimes, and 12% of other offences • Some evidence supports its an attempt to assert masculinity by evoking responses they exhibit to express hostility and many reported hoping women would be impressed • Other studies show them to by shy or inadequate and use it as a substitute to a relationship • Some couples enjoy fucking in front of a crowd Obscene Phone Calling (Telephone Scatalogia) • Mostly male, seek to be sexually aroused by shocking victim • Chat scatologia: obscene emails, instant messages and chat room • women charged with this are generally motivated by rage over a rejection rather than arousal • Male motivated with desire for sexual excitement and usually chance dial or pick a number from phone book, they masturbate after or during the act • Some limit to obscenities, others sexual overtures, others breath heavily to their victims, and some others present themselves as taking a sex survey and ask a series of personally revealing questions • Its usually a socially inadequate hetero male who has difficultly forming relationships • Reactions of shock or fright may fill him with feelings of power Applied Knowledge: • How to respond to flashers: show no reaction and continue on way • Respond to phone call: remain calm, don’t reveal shock or fright, either hang up or briefly inform them they need psychiatric help. Voyeurism • Strong repetitive urges to watch unsuspecting strangers who are naked, disrobing or engaged in sexual activity • Usually begins before age 15, usually male • 12% uni male, 23% community men masturbated while watching females who are unknown of the presence. • Sweden study: 11% Male, and 4% Female were sexually aroused by watching others have sex, 4% M and 2%F reported sexual arousal by flashing genitals • Most are not dangerous, some commit violent crimes • Canadian research: study at Waterloo found 84% M and 74%F would watch an unsuspecting person undress if they would not get caught but 40%F and 70%M said they would watch a couple having sex if they wouldn’t get caught • World of diversity: o Peeping tom o Small video and camera lenses make it easy to video unsuspecting persons o In 2005 parliament passed legislation that makes it a crime to secretly observe or record a person where privacy is expected Sexual Masochism • Love bites, hair pulls, minor scratches= normal. • Sexual masochist: people who prefer or need to have pain or humiliation inflicted on them by their partners • May act on or be distressed by urges to be bound, flogged, humiliated or made to suffer in any other way to achieve excitement o Sometimes they cannot be aroused without it • Usually in a relationship with a sexual sadist • Can range from relatively benign to potentially lethal practices such as hypoxyphilia (deprivation of oxygen) Sexual Sadism • Sexually aroused by inflicting pain or humiliation • Persistent powerful urges and sexual fantasies involving inflicted of pain and suffering on others in order to achieve sexual excitement or gratification • Sado-Masochism (S+M): mutually gratifying sexual interaction involving power exchange between consenting partners o BDSM used today instead of just SM o The occasional SM used in the general population, couples may incorporate light forms generally no severe pain or damage o Often surrounding role play and are time sensitive • 24/7 SM slavery, usually long lasting relationships of male/male, male/female… study found very few female/female. o The ‘slave’can leave the relationship at any time Frotteurism • Recurrent powerful sexual urgers and fantasies that involve rubbing against or touching a non-consenting person • Mashing reported extensively among males • Toucherism: persistent urge to fondle non-consenting strangers Other Paraphilias Zoophilia • Sexual urges and fantasies that involved sexual contact with animals • Actual contact= beastiality • Men are more often farm animals, women household pets • Men: masturbate or copulate • Women: genital body contacts, some train dogs for sex • Both: lick genitals • 17% of farm boys reached orgasm of some type through sexual contact with dogs, cows and goats Necrophilia • person desires to have sex with horses • regular necrophilia: person has sex with a deceased person • n
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