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University of Guelph
Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Cindy Clarke

The PillMale Condom Emergency The PatchInjectable The Vaginal Intrauterine DiaphragmContraceptivesContraceptionRingDevices IUDsPlan B Tricks body into Latex or It prevents a Same as birth DepoProvera Inserted into the Object inserted A dome insertedHow It Worksthinking its pregfertilized egg control pill to Injectablevagina to deliverinto vagina for 5into the vaginaPolyurethanefromnant so ova arebarrier for spermpreventProgesteronehormonesyearsover the cervicalattaching to thenever matured orand some STIsmaturation andonly to preventestrogen and It prevents opening beforeuterine wallspermreleased Primary use isovulationovulationprogesteronecoitus Not an abortionfrom fertilizing Thickens cervicalpregnancyContains aGiven every 12 Used for a full 3 Unreliable pill becauseweekseggs and alonemucus and prevention in weeksweeks periodfurtherinhibitspregnancy doesworth ofso paired withonly 7 said then insert newit preventsdevelopment oftheirnot occur untilhormonesspermicidal jellyonefertilized eggsendometriumprimary us wasimplantationreleasedKept in 6 hoursgraduallyfrom implantingminipill does onlySTI preventionafter sex to kill th 4 week is also String hangsallthispatchfreespermOrally dailyRolled on erect Orally within 72 Changed once a Shot every 12 InsertedInserted for 5 Inserted before How It Is Usedpenis possibly hours of failed weekweeksvaginally for 3 years by every instance of with spermicidecontraceptionweeksphysiciancoitusMost effective 9698 if used Best if taken Same as pil
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