Chapter 12

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Distance Ed

Chapter 12Sexuality Across the Life Cycle Infancy The Search for the Origins of Human SexualityMale fetuses can have erectionsSucking brings pleasureInfants may masturbateMay boys are born with bonersEvidence of vaginal lubrication in girl infants has been reportedPelvic thrusting is observed in infant moneys apes and humansmay be expression of affection and is observed in infants 8 to 10 months oldBabies show behaviours resembling orgasm as young as 4 months for girls and 5 for boysMasturbation is typical and may start as early as 5 monthsbut orgasm is rare until the second yearChildren develop curiousities as early as 12 to 15 monthsGenital play does not start until age 2usually no cause for concernChildren raised in lesbian families develop normal identities and roles gender develop normal peer relationships have normal emotional adn behavioural development have fewer issues regarding sexuality and arent more likely to grow up gay Early Childhood 38Masturbation is common and normal
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