Chapter 9

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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
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Kristyna AmosFRHD2100 DEChapter 9 Sexual OrientationGetting Oriented Toward Sexual Orientationsexual orientation the directionality of ones sexual interesttowards members of the same sex the other sex or bothheterosexual orientation erotic attraction to and preference for developing romantic relationships with members of the other sex referred to as straighthomosexual orientation erotic attraction to and preference for developing romantic relationships with members of ones own sex gaylesbianbisexuality sexually attracted to and interested in forming romantic relationships with both males and femalesComing to Terms With TermsTerm homosexuality controversialdraws attention to sexual behaviour social stigma historically associated with concepts of deviance and mental illnessoHomosexuality is often used to refer to men onlyTransgender people lack the legal protection granted to gay males and lesbians because they identify themselves as trans and view their issues as related to gender not to sexual orientationMost organizations that represent gay males and lesbians now include transgender peopleLGBTQ groups lesbian gay bisexual transgender queerSexual Orientation and Gender IdentityWhen heterosexuals think about homosexuals they focus on the sexual aspects of malemale and femalefemale relationshipsGay men find the concept of gay centered on the possibility for emotional involvement and relationships with other people who felt the same way rather than on sexual behaviourLike malefemale relationships same sex relationships is the formation of romantic attachments and provide a framework for love and intimacyClassification of Sexual Orientation Is Yes or No EnoughHeterosexual people may have sexual experiences with members of their own sex while maintaining their heterosexual identities in the absence of heterosexual outlets adolescents and those in isolated populations such as prison inmatesOntario Mens Survey of gaybisexual men 83 respondents identified themselves as gay yet 61 reported having had sex with a woman in the pastHeteroerotic of an erotic nature and involving members of the other sexHomoerotic of an erotic nature and involving members of ones own sexWomens sexual orientations are apparently more flexible than mens as women are more dependent on social experiencesoMore than 25 of women relinquished their lesbian or bisexual orientationhalf of these relabelled themselves as heterosexual
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