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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 2100
Cindy Clarke

Chapter 3 – Female and Male Anatomy and Physiology This is an information intensive chapter. The usually questions associated with this information is How much do I need to know? Why do I need to know this? How will it be useful to me? Usefulness: Please review the information about breast, ovarian and prostate cancer. Review the possible ways to prevent these cancers and how they might be treated. Spinal injuries: Is it possible for a man to have an erection after a spinal injury? yes Why do I need to know this? My experience, when talking to students and clients, is that they know less about their bodies than they think they do. This is an issue when medical issues arise and in relationships. It is also important when making decisions about having and raising a family. What do I need to know? A) Female anatomy and reproductive systems. I would like to draw your attention to Figure 3.1 on page 55 as well as figure 3.2. Further figures to be reviewed and knowledge retained include: Figure 3.3 on page 58 and 3.4 on page 59, Figure 3.5 on page 60 and figure 3.6 on page 61. Use the diagrams to direct you in reading the text information. You will not be asked to reproduce a diagram. You may be asked, for example, what is the impact on the hymen by the birth of a child. What is ritual genital mutilation?
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