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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3190
Leslie Yaffa

Unit 1Activity 6 Government elaws website Bill A proposed Act that is before the Legislative Assembly for consideration In order for a bill to be enacted and become an Act it must receive three readings and be passed by the Legislative Assembly and then receive Royal Assent projet de loiAct A bill that is passed by the Legislative Assembly after its Third Reading and that receives Royal Assent is enacted and becomes an Act ie law The terms statute and Act are interchangeable loiRegulation A law that is made by a person or body whose authority to make the law is set out in an Act Usually the authority is given to the Lieutenant Governor in Council Sometimes the authority is given to a Minister of the Government or to another person or body Regulations are considered to be delegated legislation because the authority to make them is delegated from the Legislative Assembly A regulation deals with topics related to the Act under which it is made the purpose of a regulation is to provide details to give effect to the policy established by the Act The process for amending a regulation is usually shorter than the process for amending an Act
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