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Family Relations and Human Development
FRHD 3190
Leslie Yaffa

Unit 7CHAPTER 7 MANAGING SAFE AND HEALTHY LEARNING ENVIRONMENTS PROVIDING SAFE HEALTHY ENVIRONMENTSCriteria for evaluating environments fall into three categoriessafe healthy and conducive to learningThe environment should be welcoming and accessible for children families and staffDirectors are ultimately responsible for their programs health safety and nutrition programsThe programs design and maintenance of its physical environment supports childrens learning and allows for optimal useFacilities can be made physically and psychologically more comfortable by applying an understanding of how children develop as well as structuring the environment to facilitate interactionsWell organized equipped and maintained environments support program quality by facilitating the learning comfort health and safety of all who use the programs OPERATING A HEALTHY AND SAFE PROGRAMChildren depend on adults who are also healthy as possible to make healthy choices for them and to teach them to make such choices for themselvesEducators need to ask themselves how they can promote childrens optimal health and development improve sanitation and reduce the spread of disease eliminate injuries and be prepared for emergenciesWhile some degree of risk taking is desirable for learning a quality program prevents hazardous practices and environments likely to result in adverse consequences for children and staff oIncludes hiring qualified and nurturing staff members providing ongoing development for stafffrequently assessing the environment for potential hazards purchasing nontoxic art and play materials maintaining fresh air ventilation and heating in classrooms monitoring the use of chemicalsCumulatively these practices can contribute to child and staff health as well as reduce parents absence from work to care for an ill child reduce visits to health care professionals and reduce health care costs EARLY CHILDHOOD PROGRAM POLICIES AND PRACTICESWhen children understand and appreciate the importance of good nutrition and an active lifestyle they have a kind of protection or immunity against the challenging environmentsEC programs can give children protection against the threat to childrens health by making modifications to program practices and teaching methods using innovative and newly available tools by
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