FRHD 1100 Chapter 17: Chapter 17- spirituality

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Chapter 17: The Spirit of Health and Wellness
What is spirituality
- spirituality can be defined as a sacred matter, as things of an ecclesiastical nature, or
something highly valued or important
- spirituality is a connection with everything in creation- an animating force, the principle
of unification, shared consciousness
- belonging in society
- a fundamental creative power- a universal energy or source
- the development of a deep appreciation for the depth and expanse of life and natural
forces that exist in the universe
- a search for the sacred or divine through any life experience or route
- many definitions for spirituality
- the term religion is often used to refer to a some what different definition than
- spirituality is about feeling more complete and fulfilled as a human being
Spiritual dimensions
- interconnectedness
o can be defined as operating as a unit, or a state of being connected reciprocally
o in a spiritual sense, it has been defined as a worldwide view that sees oneness in
all things
o connectedness to oneself
questioning who we are and what we want to accomplish
o connectedness to others
- mindfulness
o a process of bringing attention to a moment-by-moment experience
o a form of mental training, similar in ways to meditation, but with a focus or
emphasis on taking notice of whatever thoughts come to mind, without
judgement or making plans for action
- meaning, purpose, and potential
o connected just like the body, mind and spirit
o meaning can be defined as significant quality of an implication of a hidden or
special significance
o purpose is something set up as an object or end to be attained
o potential expresses possibility
- transcendence
o can be defined as extending notably beyond ordinary limits
o being in harmony with what we do not necessarily understand
spirituality on campus
- there has been a move in some academic institutions to integrate body, mind, and
spiritual wellness into campus life
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