FRHD 2100 Chapter 6: FHRD 2100 Chapter 6

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Chapter 6 Attraction and Love
Attraction-Similarity hypothesis: the concept that people tend to develop romantic relationships with those whose
levels of attractiveness are similar to their own
o People in committed relationships likely to be similar to partners in terms of attitudes and cultural
o Partners tend to resemble us in race, ethnicity, age, education, and religion
o 95% of Canadians choose partners from own racial backgrounds
Do opposites attract or do birds of a feather flock together?
Opposites do no attract
Less likely to be attracted to people who disagree with our views and taste than we are to people who share them
Why do majority have partners from own backgrounds?
o Propinquity: proximity
o We are drawn to people with similar attitudes, people with similar backgrounds= similar attitudes
Sex difference: women more likely to care about similar attitudes as determinant of attractiveness and men place more
value in physical attractiveness
Compatibility is strongest predictor of maintain intimate relationship
Physical attractiveness
Physical attractiveness is a major determinant of interpersonal and sexual attraction
Key factor in consideration of partners for dates, sex and long-term relationships
“what is beautiful is good” effect
o tendency for people to assume attractive people have more socially desirable personalities and likely to be
happier and more successful than less attractive people
What determines physical attractiveness?
African cultures: long necks, round, disk like lips are signs of beauty
Women of Nama culture: tug labia majora to make them beautiful
Women find taller men more attractive
o Height suggests social dominance, status, access to resources, heritable trait
“thin is in” dominant in north American culture
o leads to eating disorder/ anorexia
o slenderness typically attractive trait
studies show males from various cultures and European-American males & females prefer thin partners
European-American males more likely than African-American and Latinos to want to date slender, physical fit
African and Latino-American more interested in women with large thick bodies
African-American and Latina women more likely than European-American to be satisfied with bodies
Hourglass figure popular
o Small and medium waists preferred
o Body weight, waist size and hip size all interact influencing ratings of women’s attractiveness
Walking style or gait also influences attractiveness
o Gaits of women no on hormone bc pills varied with menstrual cycle
o Study showed: women in luteal (least fertile) phase judged most attractive
0.7 waist-to-hip body ratio found most attractive in women from homosexual women and heterosexual males/
men prefer women with larger busts
people who are attractive know it
o self ratings meshed with rating of other (male and female)
o heterosexual women in fertile phases of menstrual cycles found men with deeper voices more attractive
attraction is variable
o not all men only like thin women with large breasts
o not all women like only tall men with deep voices
Non physical traits and attractiveness
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