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Chapter 2

Textbook Notes: Chapter Two

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University of Guelph
GEOG 1300
Tracy Rowlandson

Textbook Notes GEOG1300 Page 1 Chapter Two Solar Energy to Earth and the Seasons Overviewincoming solar energyEarths tilt and rotationdaily seasonal and annual patterns of changing day length and sun anglesunenergy source required for continuation of life within the biosphereThe Solar System Sun and Earthpart of the Milky Way Galaxyplanetesimal hypothesis solar system formed due to gravitys effect on a nebula in space o nebula large slowly rotating and collapsing cloud of dust and gas 42 o gravity mutual attracting force exerted by the mass of an objet upon all other objectslight year95 trillion kmyear o Milky Way100000 lightyears wide o Solar System11 lighthours wide o Moon128 lightseconds from EarthEarths orbit around the sun is elliptical o perihelion Earths closest position to the sun January 3 in the NH o aphelion Earths farthest position from the sun July 4 in the NH o changes amount of solar energy that reaches Earth but is NOT a direct cause for the seasonal changes o orbit changes over timeexplains glacial and interglacial periodsSolar Energy From Sun to Earthsunonly star in our solar system m
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