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Chapter 3

Chapter 3: Tsunami's

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GEOG 1350
Jaclyn Cockburn

Chapter 3 Tsunamis 31 INTRODUCTION TO TSUNAMI Tsunamis are produced by the sudden displacement of ocean lake or river water Some causes of tsunamis are large earthquakes landslides explosive volcanic eruption or an impact in the ocean of an asteroid or comet EarthquakeTriggered Tsunami Displaces the seafloor or the floor of a large lake or by triggering a large landslide When seafloor displaces a block of earths crust moves rapidly up or down during an earthquake earthquake 75 or higher to cause damaging tsunamiupward or downward movement of the seafloor displaces the overlying water and initiates a four stage processFOUR STAGE Process 1 Displacement of seafloor causes oscillatory waves transmitting energy outward and upward from source Waves then intercept surface spreading outward 2 In deep ocean waves move more rapidly and farther apart Velocity equals square root of the product of acceleration of gravity and water depth Could not notice a passing tsunami in the deep ocean 1 metre or less 3 As tsunami reaches land velocity and water depth decrease The lengths between waves decrease but wave height increases 4 First tsunami wave transforms into turbulent surging mass of w
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