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HIST 2250
Mary- Anne Moroz

The Development of Modern Forestry Unit 3 Course Reader THE OVERTURE OF FORESTRYThe Eclipse of the Medieval Forest th By the beginning of the 16 century the structure of the medieval forests had begun to crumble despite the fact the faade was to remain for another hundred years due to mainly financial and economic reasons Facade An outward appearance that is maintained to conceal a less pleasant or creditable reality th During late 16 century both sovereign and the government were under to increase financial pressureWar with Spain costing approx 13 of a million pounds per yearMedieval forests created with objective of providing the sovereign with pressures over which he had the right to hunt and which as Manwood observed were for his princely delight and pleasureTo a limit provided the king w source of income by way of grantsamercements fines To the NormandPlantagenet kings hunting was a sport which incorporated many qualities they liked thbut the fun of the chase began to fade and by the late 16 century their successors no longer displayed the almost obsessive interest of earlier times Elizabeth 1 James 1 and Charles 11 all enjoyed but didnt participateDuring this times laws of forest were not strongly appliedtherefore lead to increase in poaching resulting in a decline in the value of forests for hunting During Civil war 16421646 little attention was paid to what remaining authority forest officers had and deer were killed and trees cut down without punishmentAfter war was over state of affairs continued while country was still in state of disarray by time monarchy was restored in 1660 pattern of old forests was quickly falling apart sped up by the dishonesty an laxity of forest officials th In early 16 century signs that demand
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