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Human Resources and Organizational Behaviour
HROB 3050
Rhonda Gordon

Chapter1OverviewofLegalFrameworkSourcesofEmployment1 Statute Lawlegislation passed by the government Provincial or Federal government2 Common Lawjudgemade law StatuteLawstatutes are sometimes referred to as legislation or acts ie The Ontario Human Rights Codeemployment statues are passed because government decides employees require protections or rights beyond those that currently exist there are many factors that can lead to changes in employment lawchange in political party 2001PC allowed max work week60 hours 2003Liberal changed this to 40demographic shifts in society dramatic increase in number of women in paid workforce has led to several new statutory requirements including pay equity and increased pregnancy and parental leavechanging social values technology changes have led to enhanced privacy protection lawsHow Statutes Are Made Legislative Processstatutes first take form of written billto become provincial statute bill must pass three readings in legislature located at Queens Park Torontoto become federal statute bill must pass three readings in House of Commons and must also passed by the Senate located in OttawaThree types of bills1 public bills majorityintroduced into legislature by Cabinet Ministerfirst reading introduces the billsecond reading members of provincial Parliament MPPs debate principles of the billif bill passes second reading through a vote in the legislature it goes to committee of the legislatureafter t third reading theres a vote in legislature and if majority of MPPs vote in favor of bill its passed2 private billsnonpublic matters changing corporate charters so are of limited scope and relevance 3 private member billsmay deal with matters of public importance but are put forward by private member of legislature not Cabinet Ministerdont have much chance of becoming law and often tabled to make political pointusually die on the order paper meaning they never become lawa bill becomes a statute once it receives royal assenta statute may come into force in one of three ways1 on royal assent statute comes into force without need for additional steps2on a particular date statue itself names the date on which it comes into force3 on proclamation statute comes into force on a date to be announced laterwhile statutes contain the main requirements of the law detailed rules on how to implement or administer a statute are often found in it regulationsRegulations aka delegated legislation rules made under the authority of a statute
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