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Chapter 9

Chapter 9- Swing Era Soloists.pdf

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MUSC 2140
Howard Spring

Chapter 9- Swing Era Soloists Introduction - Many bands were known just for one soloist,even thoughthey may only play an eight bar solo, but that was the sound that people recognized on the radio - Soloistswere sometimetraded, moved on, or fired from a band like a sportsteam - During the wartimemany orchestrashrank, so staged jam sessionsoften occurredwith players and soloistscould gain experience playing with differentpeople - Somesoloistsworked full time in one band, while otherspreferred to work on contract where they couldplay in a number of differentsituationslike movies Coleman Hawkins - Hawking exemplifies therise of swing-era soloists, andwas one of the greatest saxophonistsof all time - He is known as the father of the tenor sax, becauseno one really played it before him - In 1934 he went to Europeto tour, and enjoyed it so muchhe turned his six month trip into a five year strip where we recorded and performedall across the country - "Body and Soul" is an iconic piecemostly of Hawkins soloing The Lestorian Mode (1909-1959) - Lester Young's tenor saxophonestyle was initially consideredso radicalhe was kicked out of the Henderson band - He played in a band with his father and siblings,called the Young Family Band, where he played violin,drums,trumpet and several kinds of saxophones - After leaving the familyband in 1927, he eventually settled in Kansas City where he was well liked - Henderson convincedhimto cometo New York and play with his band, but the other musicia
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