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Unit 12 summary

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University of Guelph
MUSC 2150

Unit 12Chapter 12ObjectivesBy the end of this unit you will be able to 1 Discuss the development of heavy metal and aurally identify its elements in a song y Heavy metal fans saw the rejection of the commercial status quo as a mark of authenticity and embraced it with enthusiasm making metal a gesture of cultural defiancey Heavy metal continues the propagation of the hippie aesthetic It is the most traditional style of rock music in the 1980s y Primarily guitar driven electric guitar normally featuring duo guitarists pyrotechnical soloing propelled by heavy drumbeats with a unison singalong chorus y Like punk heavy metal is a diverse genre with many subtypes thrash speed black white death etc Also like punk however there are a number of commonalities between artists that you can listen for as you work through the activities Heavy metal is generally o Very LOUD Dominated by distorted guitars Rifforiented Sung in vocal timbres that are rough and growling Often contain virtuosic guitar soloing Hook oriented Full of subject matter is often dark or rebellious and confrontational and Played by men though there are exceptions 2 Discuss the development of hiphop culture and rap and aurally identify elements of rap in a song y Rap has its origins in New Yorks urban black communities where rap was one element within hiphop culture Graffiti and break dancing was also associated with hiphop and they were brought to the attention of the general publicy First hiphop DJs played records at neighbourhood parties adapting from Jamaican DJs They often carried their own sound systems and employed MCs to comment on the music and encourage partygoers DJ Kool Herc was one of the first to use an MC and MCs eventually developed into rappersy They used turntables to seamlessly transition from song to song as well as developed break spinning using two copies of the same record to prolong sections by playing the passages over and over between the two turntables Grandmaster Flash popularized scratching record rotated in the reverse direction and then forward quickly and repeatedly to create a distinctive rhythmy The Beastie Boys were among the first to use the new digital sampling technologypassaged could be recorded digitally and looped with more precision than turntables would allow3 Identify the important record labels behind rap
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