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Unit 4 Summary

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MUSC 2150UNIT 4 Rise of the ProducerPART 1Objectives of this UnitBy the end of this unit you will be able to1Discuss historical context of the 1950s and early 1960s1950s and early 60s historical context Vietnam war began while the Korean war ended in 1953Cold War arising from the suspicion between Russia and the USMany Americans were convinced that the Communists were trying to infliltrate their culture and overthrow the American way of lifeSeveral people were tried and convicted of espionageSenator Joseph McCarthy led a anticommunist campaign witch huntSoviets launched first satellite in 57 as well as development of nuclear bomb in 45Fueled battle and competition between the 2 countries Americans passion for scifi stories and movies Economic prosperity increased after WWII Economy boomed increasing desire for homes gadgets and carsCars became equipped with AM radiosteens tuned into this music without consent or need of consent by their parents Middle aged American values were still largely reinforced by tvSexuality not expresses even though Hugh Hefner emerged with PlayboyLeave it to Beaververy popular on tvAfrican Americans were still struggling against racism and discriminationWith the case of Brown vs Board of Education racial segregation was ruled unconstitutional Bus segregation ruled unconstitutionalRosa Parks aided by Martin Luther KingThereforetime of consumerism civil right movements and musictv propagationEarly 60s marked the beginning of the British invasion1Discuss the role of American Bandstand in the broadening of the popmusic audience and the creation of a youth dance cultureBroadcasted by ABCIdea behind the American Bandstandget a bunch of teenage kids together at a studiodancing and musical performances of todays top hit musicSymbolized the migration of radio to TVHosted by Dick Clarke Focus on the show was on dancing to pop musicClark and recorded by Chubby Checkers introduced the Twistlater initiated a craze for named dances such as the fly the fish or the mashed potatoIntroduced the country to solo or open dancingTHERFOREteens were reunited by music and TVadults were more likely to accept RR under this contextmore teens were able to watch the seriesThis form of entertainment broadened the pop music audience by being more readily acceptable1Discuss how the Brill Building style of music production affected the music industryUsed as stylistic labelreturned power to the publisher and the record labelsAldon selected a song followed by matching it to an appropriate performing groupProfessional producer would take charge of the session and musical accompanimentRecording artist is NOT at the center of the process Efficient way of producing music Eliminated unpredictable or rebellious singersspecific singers could be replaced if they misbehaved Songs were being written by pros to custom fit the expectations of the teen audienceTHERFORE BB affected the entire music industry by returning the power to publishers and record labels making the performing artists much less important
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