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Chapter 4

chapter 4

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Political Science
POLS 1400
Nanita Mohan

Chapter 4 Aboriginal PeoplesTheoretical Considerations Colonialism the exploration domination and subjugation of a people by an imperial power y Europeans applied their own terminology when they took control of the continent Indians In 1970s this word replaced by first nations y Many towns have been changed from English or French back to aboriginal names illustrating the politics of identity y 3 main groups North American Indian Mtis and Inuit Indians are divided by status and nonstatus all have many different identities expectations and political demandsTheoretical Models 3 main governance options of improving Aboriginal life in Canada1 Integration and assimilation into the nonAboriginal society Historically favoured by CAN gov and chosen by many aboriginalsMeant repeal of the Indian Act and treaties abandonment of reserves and denial of any kind of aboriginal status Would lead to increasing aboriginal migration to urban areas 2 Return to Aboriginal Selfgovernment Making reserves more autonomous of the Indian affairs departmentIncreasingly operating without detailed bureaucratic supervisionFirst nations power exceeds those of a municipality including jurisdiction over resourcesIncorporate the concept of Aboriginal SelfgovernmentFederal and provincial laws still apply in certain areas of jurisdictionTheoretically feasible with a territorial base such as a reserveMuch more questionable when Aboriginals are mingled with others ie Urban areas 3 Aboriginal Sovereignty Independent of the Canadian stateWhite society depicts aboriginals to the wants and needs of themselvesDream of many aboriginals however few militants see independence as a realistic propositionAboriginal Demographic Profile Today Aboriginal identity those who felt themselves to be an aboriginalAboriginal origins based on ancestry TABLE 41 Aboriginal Origins and Identity 2006 Census OriginsIdentityNorth American Indians 1 253 615 725 698 025 595 First Nations Metis 409 915 237 389 780 332 Inuit 65 885 38 50 480 43 OtherMultiple34 500 29 Total 1 729 415 1 172 790
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