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Chapter 9

POLS 2300 Chapter 9

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Political Science
POLS 2300
Nanita Mohan

Chapter 9  Main source of revenue was custom duties, account for $9million (2/3 federal revenue)  1900, 3,000 political servants  New national agreement assuming the debts of the 4 original provinces, $94 million in 1867  Thoreau  Reminded of government everyday  Old world character where hierarchy, distinction and difference were woven through culture  Susanna Moodie:  Abandon the proper difference that they owed their social superiors  Patronage: The practice of making decisions about the distribution of public resources based on friendship, family, loyalty or in exchange for benefits of various sorts Professionalization of the public  Merit Principle: Hiring and promotion decisions were expected to be based on such qualifications as relevant experience  Civil ServiceAmendmentAct 1908 enforced merit principle  10 years after Robert Borden passed the Civil ServiceAct extending merit principle hiring and the authority of the non-partisan Civil Service Commission to federal position outside of Ottawa  Politics-Adminthtration Dichotomy: Advocated by progressive reformers beginning in the late 19 century, involves an ideal of governed whereby only elected politicians should make choices between competing values and interests, choices that would be embodied in the laws. The proper function of non-elected state officials is to implement these choices without regret for their personal views and preference  Civil serviceAct placed limits on publics rights to contribute money to politicians or political parties  !967 Public Service EmploymentAct, allowing for people to get more involved  Lead to human rights codes in 1960s to 70s and the Charter of rights and freedom in 1982  Fraser vs. PSSRB  Contention that public servants should be allowed non-job-related criticism of government policy  Osborne vs. Canada (Treasury Board)  Requested a leave of absence to run for liberal delegate but just did to view debates, withdrew and requested his job back which he received.  Requirements that a public servant must take an unpaid leave in order to stand as a candidate and the restrictions on the political activates of deputy ministers were upheld by the court  Hydon vs. Canada (Treasury Bond)  Told Globe mail report that the ban on imports of Brazilian beef was government related  Whistle blowing Efficiency and Accountability  Positive State: Astate that is active in attempting to shape society and influence its direction  Adam Shortt, state thinker that the state needed to be staffed by people with expert training in order to meet the challenges of modern society  Oscar Douglas Skelton, Canadian foreign policy should be determined independent of the British Empire.  1925 appointed as Under-Secretary of State for ExternalAffairs  Importance of Canada and US relationships  Died in 1941, most influence figure  W.C. Clark, 1932 appointed Deputy Minister of Finance  Keynesian economic policy after WW2  Royal Commission on Canadas Economic Prospects (Gordon Commission 1956)  Intelligen
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