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Chapter 2

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Political Science
POLS 2300
J Lewis

Chapter 2 Political CultureA coherent set of ideas or principles about how a society ought to function with particular y Ideologyreference to the role of the statey Political Spectrum Liberalism Conservatism Socialism y Classic Liberalism Classic Liberalism Politicalbasic political rights such as the right of representative government Moralbasic values including freedom and dignity Economicright to private property and free enterprise capitalismJohn Locke Adam Smith y Conservatism Defend status quoresist social change Conserve power property status and way of life Ordered communitysociety must have a stable order and structureEdmund Burke y Socialism Public ownership planned economy and state intervention in market forces Improve the status of the working class EqualityKarl Marx y Pragmatism A way of investigating problems and clarifying communication rather than as a fixed system of ultimate answers and great truths A method and orientation toward change Capacity to adapt and remain stable y Social Democracy Emphasizes government planning regulation ownership of some of the major industries of the country progressive taxation and redistribution of income via social programsCCFNDPpublic hospitals medical insurance Crown corporationsy Red Tory Progressive element of the former Progressive Conservative Party Combined beliefs in privilege and collectivism Believe in hierarchy but concerned with conditions of all individuals y Populism Against political elitism Values the wisdom of ordinary peop
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