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Chapter 5

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PSYC 2360
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Chapter 5 random error chance fluctuations in measurement that influence scores on measured variables can happen by misreading or misunderstanding of the questions measurement of participants on different days or different places misprinting of questions misrecording of answersrandom error is self cancelling because some errors will increase some peoples scores and some errors will decrease some peoples score thus cancelling each other out systematic error the influence on a measured variable of other conceptual variables that are not part of the conceptual variable of interest systematic errors dont cancel out over time and therefore are a threat to construct validity Reliability reliability the extent to which a measure is free from random error best way to measure reliability is to test measures repeatedly testretest reliability the extent to which scores on the same measured variable correlate with each other on two different measurements given at two different timescorrelation between scores should be r 100 for test to be perfectly reliable retesting effects reactivity that occurs when the responses on the second administration are influenced by respondents having been given the same or similar measures before participants may answer same questions differently because they believe experimenter wants different opinions or may get bored or may answer exactly the same all would effect the testretest reliabilityequivalentforms reliability the extent to which scores on similar but not identical measures administered at two different times correlate with each other equi
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