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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

What is Depth Perception and Why is it Difficult? 10/6/2012 11:26:00 AM What is Depth Perception and Why is it Difficult?  Depth perception: how far away things are in front of you o Critical in visual coordination  Distal simulation: stimulation in world o 3D world and 2D retina o One cue: visual angle  tells us about actual size of the object (e.g. mouse and elephant both 6 ft. away, elephant will take up larger visual angle on retina)  Visual angle also tells us how far away in depth object is (e.g. if mouse was right in front of us, would take up larger portion in retina)  “if you see me getting smaller I’m leaving”  Dimensional Ambiguity o One cue tells us about 2 different things o Is this really big or is it just close? o Is this really small or is it just far away? o Must determine how far away something is Cues for Depth 10/6/2012 11:26:00 AM Cues for Depth  What info is contained in 2D image that enables us to perceive depth? Physiological Cues: Occulomotor Cues From Lens (Accommodation)  Ciliary muscles in lens must do something different depending on depth o Thick lens  close o Thin lens  far away Convergence of Eyes  Must turn eyes in when things are closer to eye (eye is converging)  Eye muscles do this o Near  cross eyed o Far  straighten out eye  Look at muscles outside of eye and see if need to turn eye inward or outward * Doesn’t work for all distances. Only helps with depth if object is very close to you. Doesn’t work well beyond 3 m (lens as thick as it gets and eyes are as straight as they get) Pictorial Cues:  Pictorial  can use them in art and work with one eye (monocular cues, 2D) Relative and Familiar Size  Relies on trick  If you know real size of the object, can use visual angle to determine how far the object is  Two objects of same size, the one that is farther away will take up
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