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Chapter 4

Sensation and Perception Chapter 4

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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

S\`W^Ÿ W _aS [^`WSZVW[ZV ^[UW__X[^b _ [Z ’ © Y` _^WX WU`WVX^[SZ[TWU` Z`[`WWW ’ © Y` _X[Ua_WV`[X[^SZ SYW[X`S`[TWU`[Z`W^W` ZS ’ © Y` _ST_[^TWVT`Wb _aS \ YWZ`[ WUa W_`S`\SU`W^[VSZVU[ZW [a`W^_WYWZ`_ ’ W US ^WSU` [Z_ Z`W[a`W^_WYWZ`_`^SZ_VaUW`W Y` Z`[W WU`^ US _ YZS _ ’ WU`^ US _ YZS _`^SbW `^[aY`W^W` ZS`W Z`W^SU`WU `WSZV Z T ` WbWZ`aS ^WSU ZY`WYSZY [ZUW _c USbWUWZ`W^_a^^[aZV^WUW\` bW X W V_[Z`W^W` ZS ’ X`W^TW ZY\^[UW__WVT`W^W` ZS`W_WW WU`^ US _ YZS _S^W_WZ`[a``WTSU [X`WWW ZX TW^_[X`W[\` UZW^bW [ [c ZY`W YZS _X^[W` ZS`[[^`W [ [c`W_ YZS _X^[`W^W` ZS`[`Wb _aS ^WUW b ZYS^WS[X`WU[^`WSZV`WZ `[[`W^S^WS_TW[ZV`Wb _aS ^WUW b ZYS^WS YZS _X^[`W^W` ZS`^SbW [a`[X`WWW Z`W[\` UZW^bW`[`W S`W^S YWZ Ua S`WZaU Wa_$© YZS _`^SbW X^[`W©`[`W\^ S^b _aS ^WUW b ZYS^WS Z`W[UU \ `S [TW [^U[^`W `^ S`WU[^`Wb _aS ^WUW b ZYS^WS ’ S WV` _TWUSa_W[X`Wc `W_`^ \W_`S`S^WU^WS`WVc ` Z` _S^WS[X U[^`WTZW^bWX TW^_`S`^aZ`^[aY ` ^SZ_ ``WVX^[_`^ S`WU[^`WS [ZY`c[\S`cS_ ’ W\[^S [TW ’ S^ W`S [TW a\W^ [^U[ Ua a_SZS^WS Zb[ bWV ZU[Z`^[ ZYWW[bWWZ`SZV[`W^b _aS TWSb [^_`S`^WUW bW_ŵŴ'[XX TW^_X^[`W[\` UZW^bW WU[^V ZYX^[ZWa^[Z_ Z`W©_[c_`S`©ZWa^[Z_SbW`W_SWUWZ`W^ _a^^[aZVU[ZX Ya^S` [ZS_^W` ZS YSZY [ZUW _ Wa^[Z_ Z`W©^W_\[ZVTW_``[_S _\[`_[X Y`[Z`W^W` ZS S[^XaZU` [Z[X`W© _`[^WYa S`WZWa^S ZX[^S` [ZS_ `X [c_X^[`W ^W` ZS`[`Wb _aS U[^`W )Ŵ'[X`WX TW^_ Z`W[\` UZW^bWS^^ bWS``W© ’ [``W[Z [ZW_`S`S^^ bW`W^W ’ _[^WUW bW__ YZS _X^[`WU[^`WT^S Z_`W[`W^ZWa^[Z_ Z`W `S Sa_SZVX^[[`W^ZWa^[Z_ Z`W© ’ WZ`W^_a^^[aZV^WUW\` bWX W V_bW^_ S^`[`W^WUW\` bWX W V[XS YSZY [ZUW ©^WUW bW_ ZX[^S` [ZX^[SZ_[a^UW_`WZ_WZV_ `_[a`\a``[`WU[^`W ’ bW^ŵŴ \a _W_`W©^WUW bW_X^[`W^W` ZS `_WZV_[Z Ÿ`[`W U[^`W º WU^WS_W ZX ^ ZY _[ZW^WS_[Z`S`[ZW[X`W\a^\[_W_[X`W© _ `[^WYa S`WZWa^S ZX[^S` [ZS_ `X [c_X^[^W` ZS`[U[^`W ©_[^`_SZV[^YSZ *W_ ZX[^S` [ZTS_WV[Z`WWW`WUSX^[`W^WUW\`[^_ `S`YWZW^S`WV`WSZV`W`\W[XWZb ^[ZWZ`S ZX[^S` [Z`S` _^W\^W_WZ`WV Z`W ZW© Z`W WX`W _\W^WSZV[ZW Z`W^ Y`W _\W^W ’ S__ SW^_ ’ SU SW^^WUW bW__ YZS _X^[[ZWWW ’ ©SW^_ŶŷŹ^WUW bW_ YZS _X^[ \_ S`W^S WW$WW[Z`W_SW_ VW[X`W T[VS_`W© ’ ©SW^_ŵ
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