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Chapter 1

Chapter 1

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PSYC 2390
Lana Trick

Sensation and Perception Chapter Notes Chapter 1The perceptual process is the behind the scenes processes involved in perception through a sequence of stepsthey work together to determine our experience of and reaction to stimuli in the environment and in four categories stimulus electricity experience action and knowledgeStimulus what is out there in the environment what we actually play attention to and what stimulates our receptorsElectricity the electrical signals that are created by the receptors and transmitted to the brainExperience and action our goal to perceive recognize and react to the stimuliKnowledge knowledge we bring to the perceptual situation StimulusExists both out in the world and in our bodyEnvironmental stimulus is all of the things in our environment that we can potentially perceiveWhen ones attention is captured by something it becomes the attended stimulus which changes from moment to momentThe image that is ones center of attention is transferred to an image on your retinathe stimulus on the receptors ElectricityTransduction is the transformation of one form of energy into another form of energyit occurs in the nervous system when energy in the environment is transformed into electrical energyTransmission occurs when after the image has been transformed into electrical signals these signals activate other neurons which activate more neurons and travel to the brainNeural processing involves interactions between neurons when electrical signals are transmitted from the retina to the brainThe signal that reaches the brain is transformed so that is represents the original signal it is usually very different Experience and ActionPerception is conscious sensory experienceoccurs when electrical signals that represent an image by ones brain into their experience of seeing the imageRecognition is our ability to place an object in a category that gives it meaningVisual form agnosia is an inability to recognize objects caused by a brain tumor
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