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Chapter 7

Chapter 7 Review

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2410
Dan Meegan

Chapter 7 LearningLearning a process by which experience produces a relatively enduring change in an organisms behaviours and characteristics Why We LearnEthnology animal behaviour within the natural environmentAdaptive Significance how does behaviour influence reproductionFixed action pattern and unlearned response automatically triggered by a particular stimulusHabituation is a decrease in the strength of response to a repeated stimulus over timeBiology Cognition and CultureOrganisms must learn the following thingsWhich events are or are not important to its survival and wellbeingWhich stimuli signal that an important event is about to occur andWhether its responses will produce positive or negative consequencesClassical conditioning organisms learn to associate two stimuli such that one stimulus comes to produce a response that originally was produced only by the other stimulusThe example of Pavlovs Dog Unconditioned Stimulus UCS no learning is required to produce salivationUnconditioned Response UCR salivationConditioned Stimulus CS ToneConditioned Response CR Salivation TermDescriptionExample
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