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Chapter 1

Chapter 1 Principles of Behaviour Notes

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PSYC 2410
Dan Meegan

Chapter 1 PsychologyPsychology The scientific study of behaviour and the factors that influence itBasic Research Research for knowledge sakeApplied Research designed t solve particular problemsGoals of psychology1To describe how people and other animals behave2To explainunderstand the causes of these behaviours3To predict how peopleanimals will behave under certain conditions4To Influence or control behaviour through knowledge and control of its causes to enhance human welfarePerspectives on behaviour Guides to understandingDiscoveryThe importance of perspectives Perspectives are vantage points for analyzing behaviour and its biological psychologicalenvironmental causes6 major perspectives Biological cognitive psychodynamic behavioural humanisticsocioculturalThe biological perspective Is it a spiritual entity separate from the body or is it part of our bodys activitiesMindbody dualism the belief that the mind is a spiritual entity not subject to the physical laws that govern the body This implies that NO amount of research on the body could ever hope to unravel the mysteries of the mindMonism the mind is not a separate spiritual entity Mind and body are one and mental events are product of physical eventsMost modern scientists hold the view that mindbodies are oneInfluenced by Karl Lashley was interested in brain mechanisms in learning His approach was to create lesions damage in specific brain regions and to study their effects on the learning and memory abilities of experimental animals that had been trained to run mazes Charles Darwins evolutionary theory Darwin was struck by the many differences between seemingly similar
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