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Chapter 11

PSYC 2450 Chapter 11: Textbook Notes - Chapter 11

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PSYC 2450
Carol Anne Hendry

Chapter 11 COMPONENTS OF LANGUAGE Communicative competence: how well an individual conveys their thoughts, feelings and intentions Language consists of productive component (translate thoughts into soundswords) and receptive components (decode external wordssounds into own thought) 1. Phonology Phonemes: basic unit of sound Ex. P or b 2. Morphology Rules for how sounds are combined to form words Ex. past tense add ed, plural add s 3. Semantics Meaning expressed Free morphemes: free morphemes: meaning in and of themselves ex. dog, doll Bound morpheme must attach to a free morpheme to make sense (something that attaches at end of word to change meaning) add s 4. Syntax Rules for word combination Ex. the cat chased the dog, different from the dog chased the cat 5. Pragmatics Knowledge of how language is used to communicate, differences based on who youre talking to Ex. speaking to young child vs professor 6. Sociolinguistic knowledge Cultural rules of language use (manners, please and thank you) THEORIES OF LANGUAGE DEVELOPMENT Video: Language theories video (8minclip)
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