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Chapter 9

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University of Guelph
PSYC 2450
Anneke Olthof

Oct 22 2013CHAPTER 9Difficulty reasoning with new rules sorting colours and shapes were much more successful when they stated what shapecolour it was before sorting itProblem solving and reasoning Children were shown toys with strings attached and were asked which string theyd pull to retrieve a certain toy no one really got it first trial 43 got it second trial 67 got it third trialNumber and arithmetic skillsoAre arithmetic skills innateBy 34 years most children can count accuratelyBy 5 years most children understand cardinalityoMental arithmeticEarly strategies sum start at 1 and count all the way up min start at largest number and count up ex 72789Later strategies decomposition fact retrieval remember it from sometime before from experienceCHAPTER 10Intelligence1Can intelligence be measured by just one thing If so you should be as skilled in one area as any other Is it measured by several different factors Then your ability in math would have no effect on how you do in languageHow much do genes contribute How much does environment contributeWhat does IQ mean How effective is it at predicting meaning in real life2Created a norm for age groupsCould be mentally 10 years old chronologically actually 153Factor analysisoIs intelligence a single thing or does it consist of multiple thingsSpearman 19227oConcluded that intelligence consisted of a general factor g and a number of specific factors soTested people for a number of different skillthinking areasoScore on any one question correlates with others not likely to completely fail one section but do perfectly on anotherThurstones primary mental abilities4Factor analysis later modelsoGuilfords structureofintellect model180 abilitiesoCattel and Horn2 types of intelligence fluid intelligence not from schooleducation crystallized intelligence improves with schooling and education5Informationprocessing perspectiveoSternbergs triarchic theoryContext adapting shaping environment experience familiar with the problemsituation informationprocessing skills knowledge strategies focusDont want to just focus on what was correct but also on how they reached their response6Howard GardneroTheory of multiple intelligencesoAt least 7 different kindsoIndependent
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