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Chapter 11

Developmental Psychology Chapter 11

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PSYC 2450

Developmental Psychology CH 11Corpal Punishment The use of physical force with the intention of causing a child to experience pain but not injury to correct of control the childs behaviour spanking hitting pinching Can have serious negative consequences Used more with aggressive uncooperative children Longterm effects anxiety alcohol abuse and behaviour problems Psychological AggressionVerbal attacks that may result in psychological harm Yelling threatening to spank cursing threatening to kick the child out of the house calling them dumb or lazyPower Assertion Induction and Withdrawal of Love Power Assertion Intended to stop or discourage undesirable behaviour through physical or verbal enforcement of parental control Demands threats spankingInductive Technique Designed to induce desirable behaviour by reasoning with a child Settling limits showing logical consequences of an action discussing Withdrawal of Love Ignoring isolating or showing dislike for a child Induction is usually the most effective method and power assertion the least effective of getting children to accept parental standards Parenting Styles Authoritarian Value control detached and less warm Children seem to be disconnected withdrawn and distrustfulPermissiveValue selfexpression and selfregulation Allow children to do their own thing and are warm but noncontrolling and undemanding Children seem to be immatureAuthoritative the best kind of parenting Value a childs individuality but stress social constraints and guide them while being loving and accepting but demand good behavior Children tend to be selfreliant selfcontrolled and happy
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