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Dan Meegan

Chapter 1: The Science of the Mind A Brief History  Cognitive is roughly 50 years The Years of Introspection  In the late 19 century, scholars—Wilhelm and Wundt and his student Edward Bradford Titchener—launched the new enterprise of research psychology, defining their field for the first time as an endeaver separate from philosophy or biology  The concluded that the only way to study thoughts is for each of us to introspect, or “look within”, to observe and record the content of our own mental lives and the sequence of our own experiences  Introspectors had to be trained: they were given a vocab to describe what they observe; they were taught to be as careful and as complete as possible; and above all; they were trained simply to report on their experiences, with a minimum of interpretation  As one concern, these investigators were soon forced to acknowledge that some thoughts are unconscious, and this meant that introspection, by uts nature, is the study of conscious experiences and so can tell us nothing about unconscious events  Also, in order for any science to proceed, there must be some way to test its claims; otherwise, we have no means of separating correct assertions from false ones, accurate descriptions of the world from fictions  With introspection, this testability of claims is often unattainable  For science, we need objective observations, observations that aren’t dependant on a particular point of view or a particular descriptive style The Years of Behaviou
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