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Chapter 3

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PSYC 2650
Anneke Olthof

Chapter 3 Recognizing objects Visual Perception obtain information about the world via sensory modalitiesvision is the dominant senseform perceptiono the process by which you manage to see what the basic shape ad size of an object are object recognition o process through which you identify what the object is Why is object recognition crucialwithout recognition you cannot bring you knowledge to the world for learning o usually have to combine new info with previously learned Beyond the information givengestalt psychologistso perception of the visual world is organized in ways that the stimulus input is not o organization must be contributed by the perceiver and is different from the sum of its parts Jerome Bruner o Beyond the information given coined that phraseo our perception of a stimulus differs from the stimulus itself o Necker cubeambiguous cause it can be perceived in more than one wayFigureground organization determination of what is the figure and what is the ground Organization and Featuresour interpretation organization of the input happens before we start cataloguing the inputs basic features certain features have an eye in the beholder point of viewcreates a paradoxo on one hand perception must start with the stimulus and governed by what is in that stimulus the features must be in place before an interpretation is offered
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