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Chapter 5

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PSYC 3390
Mary Manson- Hennig

Abnormal PsychChapter 5 SummaryStressors are adjustive demands like not having enough money to pay for rent to the effects they create within an organism as stressCoping strategies are the efforts to deal with stressStress is a byproduct of poor or inadequate coping All positive and negative situations that require adjustment can be stressful Eustress is positive stress and distress is negative stress Categories of stressors1 Frustrations can be both internal or externalexamples from the environment include prejudice discrimination death of a loved one etcexamples of personal limitations include physical handicaps loneliness guilt etc Frustrations will often leave a person feeling inadequate or incompetent 2 Conflicts stress results from the simultaneous occurrence of two or more incompatible needs or motives Conflicts that everyone has to cope are classified asapproachavoidance involve strong tendencies to approach and to avoid the same goal Someone wants a job theyve had their eye on for years BUT someone they hate works in that job as well Do they get their dream job and work with someone they despise or do they not take the job to avoid that personDoubleapproach involves choosing between two or more desirable goals The experience may cause more eustress than distress the stress is still real and its difficult The person will have to give up something doubleavoidance are those in which the choices are between undesirable alternatives Neither choice will bring satisfaction so they have to decide between the lesser of the two3 Pressures pressure forces us to speed up redouble our effort or change the direction of our behaviour They can originate from external and internal sourcesThe severity of stress is determined by how disruptive it is to normal functioning Everyone will face a unique pattern of adjustive domains since they will face different problems and face the same problems differently Stressors have a cumulative effect theres always that final straw Stressors that are ongoing are known as chronic stressors Stressors also influence each other if several stressors occur at the same time they will often be felt as more intense than if the stressors had occurred separately Effects from stressors are also felt more or less intensely depending on how closefar away one is from the incident whether its through a relationship degrees of separation or through physical proximity Crisis refers to a time when a stressful situation approaches or exceeds the adaptive capacity of a person or a group Coping techniques we usually rely on cannot help us cope with a crisis Ie a flood the collapse of the World Trade Centres a rape etc It is possible for someone to become better adjusted after they experience a crisis because they will often learn new coping mechanisms Crisis intervention provides psychological help in times of severe and special stress
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