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Chapter 13

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PSYC 3390
Mary Manson- Hennig

Chapter 13Sexual VariantsAbuse and DsyfunctionsIn this chapter we consider unsual sexual interests that make sexualfufillment especially difficult majorily for men This includes FetishismTransvestic Fetishism Voyeurism etc Secondly we consider sexualabuse a pattern of pressured forced or inappropriate sexual contactFinally the third cateory of sexual difficulties examined in this chapter issexual dysfunctions which include problems that impede satisfactoryperformance of sexual actsSociocultural Influences on SexualPracticesSome aspects are crossculturally universalMens greater emphasis ontheir partners attractivenessTaboos against sex between close relativesBut other vary like attitudes toward premarital sex or sexual modestyeg the amount of skin women show Despite the substantial variabilitypeople typically behave as though the sexual standards of their time andplace are obviously correct and tend to be intolerant of sexualnonconformityWith this in mind understand that some of these theories can seemoutlandish and strange but we shouldnt necessarily judge them asobviously wrong no doubt at the time they thought they were perfectlysensibileDegeneracy and Abstinence TheoryThe Degeneracy TheoryDeveloped in the 1750sThe central belief of which was that semen is necessary for physical andsexual vigour in men and for masculine characteristics like beard growthBased on observations of eunuchs and castrated animalsOf course we now know its the loss of testosterone that causes thisbehaviour but it lead into Abstinence theory The most important pointof this theory is that masturbation is harmful as it wastes semen and thatprostitues and sex for pleasure can be harmful as wellJohn Harvey Kellog a notable student of this philosophy andrecommended very harsh punishments for children caught masterbatingsuch as sewing male foreskin with silver wire or castration withoutanestisia and in women buring the clitoris with carbolic acid He was alsoconcerned with dietary health and invented Kellogs CornflakesPeople of the time believed masturbation caused insanity due toobserving the mentally insane which obviously did not masturbate morethan other people they were just less private about itRitualized Homosexuality in MelanesiaA tribe in Melanesia held the same belief that semen was sacred but didnot come to the same conclusion as Abstience theoryInstead they held a few key beliefsThe female body is evil a poison to menMen need a perfect balance of semen to be healthySemen can protect a man from women allowing him to have sex withthem
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