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PSYC 3480

Exercise unit tree 3.1.Attribution is defined as inferences that people draw about the causes of events, others’behavior, and their own behavior. In this case, they were made because as a result of one event that had personal consequences, to explain failure. The player asserts that the problem was because of external attributions, environmental factors such the stadium conditions. On the other hand, the coach explain the bad result with internal attributions, he suggests that the player was more interesting in partying rather than practicing, that he lacks sufficient commitment, he lacks mental toughness. In my opinion, the stadium condition could affect the player performance, but if he doesn’t change his behavior the result must be the same.Athletes must focus in practicing, must have commitment and mental toughness. 3.3. Counterfactual Thinking (CFT) is an imagined replacement of the unpleasant reality of an earlier result. There are positive and negative functions of CFT in sports. First, at least you are thinking and noticing what could have been better, and then in the next opportunity you can change what went wrong to do the best and get a better result. However, it can be considered a waste of time, because the event has already
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