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Chapter 1

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PSYC 3570
Erin Allard

Chapter 1Phillipe AriesAttempted to reconstruct the history of European death attitudes focusing on approximately a thousand years after the introduction of Christianity up to the present time4 psychological themes and their variations were extracted from the observationawareness of the individualthe defense of society against untamed naturethe belief in an afterlifebelief in the existence of evilDeath was primarily a community event in the earliest human societies ritualization was a way of protecting fragile human society from the uncontrollable perils of nature and malevolent godsAttitudes Experiences Beliefs FeelingsAttitudes refer to our action tendenciesBeliefs refer to our worldview eg Fatalism is one type of beliefFeelings provide us with qualitative information a status report on our sense of beingHow State of Mind Affects DeathRelated BehaviourThe decision to donate organs seems closely related to the individuals general attitude and personal fears and anxietiesPeoples general attitudes and feelings can be expressed in behaviour choices that either increase or decrease the probability of death study of observing street crossers in five risk categories
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