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PSYC 3850

Intellectual classification of Black and White Children in Special Education Programs Using the WISC111 and the Cognitive Assessment System WISCthe Wechsler Intelligence Scale for Children y A sample of 78 white and black students in special education programs for children with mental retardationy Wechsler scales have dominated the field of intelligence testing for at least 50 yearscountingo Approach that is at least 60 years old o He adopted methods from US militarydescribed in the book Army Mental Testingo Recent researcher suggest that this form of measuring intelligence has particular limitations when exceptional children are evaluated disability and minority children y There has been a disproportionate amount of black students in special education classes for children with mental retardation o This problem has led to discourage the use of tests like this one the WISC The Cognitive Assesment Systemdescribed as a test of intelligence based on Planning Attention Simultaneous and Successive cognitive processing theory PASS y The main difference between the WISC and the cognitive assessment system is that the latter is based on the view that a intelligence
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