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Chapter 16

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Sociology and Anthropology
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Linda Hunter

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Chapter 16 - Fredrick Engels on the Origin of Patriarchy February-09-13 10:51 PM  What is especially striking about this work by Engels is that he tries to give due consideration to the twofold character of the production and reproduction of human life. On the one hand, there is the production of the means of existence and the tools required for that production, and on the pther hand, the production of the human beings themselves, the propagation of the human species  Prior to the 1860s there was no such thing as a history of the family The Family  The "consanguine family" is Morgans term for the earliest stage of this social institution. In this stage only parents and children are proscribed marriage partners. Brother and sisters and male and female cousins are all potential husbands and wives for one another  It was inferred by Morgan from the fact that the kinship terms emplyed by the Iroquois failed to describe the actual kinship patterns prevailing among them  "punaluan family" which went on to exclude not only parents and children, but also brothers and sisters from sexual intercourse - this stage is also conjectural  It is here that Engels, following Morgan, begins to develop his thesis concerning the role and status of women in such a communal context - among all savages and barbarians… the position of women is not only free but honorable  How did they lose it with the dawn of "civilization?"  With the domestication of herds of horsesetc., the advancing pastoral peoples "had aquired property which only needed supervision and the rudest care to reproduce itself in steadily increasing quantities and to supply the most abundant food in the for of milk or meat" - whom did this new wealth belong?  Originally Engels surmised, it must have belonged to the whole clan community - however reveal that private property in herds had already emerged in the oldest civilizations  `Mother right`or matrilinear decent had to be overthrown and overthrown it was. This was a peaceful revolution brought about by a simple decree that hereafter a mans children will belong to his clan and inherit from him  This constituted the `world historical defeat of the femal sex Monogamous Family It is out of pairing family and the growing importance of the mans role in the economy that the  monogomous family emerged. Monogamy, accomanying or following patrilinear decent, was instituted by man for the express purpose of producing children of undisputed paternity, which was necessary if fathers were to bequeath their property to their natural heirs  Engel
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