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SOAN 2112 Classical Theory Reading Zeitlan: Saint Simon

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University of Guelph
Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

Saint Simon 17601825Official founder of sociology possibly the founder of socialism Aristocratic backgroundHis ideas stolen later by ComteAdmired the social unity of the medieval societyAttributed the great stability of medievial civilization to its universally accepted religionHistorical transformation of European society as the restul of forces that had been maturing in the womb of the old order Science industrialcommercial burgeiouse proletariat revolution and the Enlightment undermind the Catholic church and the unity of medieval societyPhilosophs contributed to disintegration of old oder principles were destructive led to crises Gave no guidelines for successful reconstruction Saw this as his task to take onHuman knowledge has passed through 3 stages in its developmento Theological o Metaphysical o Scientific Social Physiology The study of human contact must become a positive science Scientific knowledge to replace religious dogma Scientists and industrialists as the new natural eliteWants authoritarian society with scientifictechnological elite to rule with the property ownersConflict between classes will continue control over havenots is regained Equality is a foreign ide
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