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SOAN 2112 Classical Theory Reading Zietlan: Taylor and Mill

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Sociology and Anthropology
SOAN 2112
Linda Hunter

Harriet Taylor 18071858 and John Stuart Mill 18061873Harriet wanted to become a great writer like Martineau seeked Mills assistanceMill Modern education was about cramming readymade truths into the heads of the multitude with no likelihood of producing mental giants and creative geniusesModern democracy producing mediocrity Harriet Tyranny of the majorityDangers of social conformity Called for toleration of diversityTheir missions Emancipation of women and liberty for allHarriet Opposed paternalism in the relation between the rich and poor treated like children need to be made rational beings government should be enabling them to work with or for one another Mill Injustices influcted by society on its weaker members Corporal punishment punishment of children wifemurderA system theory argues that people were shaped by external conditions but also influenced them human beings can mould and shape the circumstance sfor themselves and for those who come after them Big dealthat our character is formed by as well as for us by experienceOn Liberty A rebuttle to Comtes positive polity in which an intellectual and industrial elite rule and people merely do what theyre toldin contrast they severely circumsized the sphere of government the only ground on which government may rightfully exercise power over a citizen against his will is to prevent harm to others Didnt want the free agency of the individual to be reduced to zerio Society must encourage minority opinionsThe Subjection of Women Regulating the sexes is morally wrong cheif obstacle to the betterment of the human condition need sexual equality The subordination of the weaker sex by the stronger rests on a theory that has never been tested and rests on morally despicable notion that might is right A social fact was converted intoa legal right The condition of women is a primitive form of slavery lasting on in a milder form The position of women is quite differet than other classes unlikely that theyll organize and rebelmen have enslaved womens minds want their love and affection willinglyuse indoctrination from birth rather than fear The subordination of women sticks out as the sole exception to the democratic principle The only way marriage can be made consistent
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