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Chapter 2

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SOC 1100
John Irwin

Chapter 2 : Culture and Culture Change September 11, 2013 Culture: powerful social force that influence events: in bringing people together and pushing them farther apart  Shared ideas/preference = comfort/familiarity makes usenjoy spending time, same ideals = more connection  Culture influence and key how we relate others, all these preferences/ideas/notions/ feel connected to other people  Differ in fundamental beliefs= culture plays a dividing role/division/disconnection What is Culture: Different interpretations of the word Culture  How a society lives (Indian culture)  Refers to refined aesthetics productions that cultured people enjoy  Consumer culture (business)  Patterns/practice of a subgroup of people ( nerd/geeks/goth_ Culture Elements of Social Life:  Culture : sum total of human creation, everything that is a product of a human mind, no matter how small or larger, how concrete or abstract, how individual or widely shared, constitutes an element of culture.  First distinction: is between culture and natural world, as it exist apart from human interaction.  Culture: do not refer to physical reality o Human influenced/created environment, product of human mind  All our thoughts are conditioned and shape by social environment into which we are socialized  Socialization process influences all that we do Culture is different between places and at difference times: Orthodox Marxist: social reality is seen as determined primarily by prevailing mode of production: all og history is recognizing they are outcomes of economic organization of society  T
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