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SOC1100 - Tutorial Two (Religion)

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University of Guelph
SOC 1100
Linda Gerber

Just like the sociological behaviour in our society is studied based on its theories, religion can also be studied from either a scientific or interpretive orientation. The structural-functional theory relates well to this topic, as both look at the scientific perspective, whereas the symbolic-interaction approach relates well to interpretive sociology, as both involve society being created form interaction. “Scientific sociology is the study based on systematic observation of social behaviour” (p. 28). This orientation involves researchers gathering quantitative and empirical data. Using this orientation to understand religion focuses more on controlling behaviour. Religion gives people a sense of unity, as religious services involve people of the same belief coming together to a place of worship. In the article “Religion in Canada: Decline or Renaissance?” Reginald Bibby discusses that in a 50-year time span, attendance to religious services has dropped a significant amount. However, although attendance has been dropped, it does not confirm that people have just stopped believing in their certain belief. It just goes to show, that as science has progressed, so have many other applications, resulting in people not having to attend church. For example, in the article, “Check the Media: Religion is Hot!” it discusses that technology allows live religious programming to be displayed on television. There are many variables in religion that make it difficult to scientifically observe. For instance, the fact that the amoun
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