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Chapter 5

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SOC 1100

thChapter 5 Sept 25 2012Humans need social experience to learn their culture and to survive socializationSocial experience is the foundation of personalityWithout social experience personality hardly develops at allFreud saw human beings as torn by opposing forces of biology and culturePiaget saw the mind as active and creativeKohlbergs model explains moral development in terms of distinct imagesGilligans work sharpens our understanding of both human development and gender issues in researchMeads work explores the character of social experience itselfEriksons theory views personality formation as a lifelong process with success at one stage preparing us to meet the next challengeHuman Development Nature and NurtureHumans depend on others to provide the care and nurture needed for physical growth as well as personality developmentThe Biological Sciences The Role of NatureCharles Darwins study of evolution led people to believe that human behaviour was instinctive simply our natureThis ethnocentric view helped to justify colonialismThe Social Sciences The Role of NurtureJohn B Watson developed the theory behaviourism holds that behaviour is not instinctive but learnedWithout denying the importance of nature we can correctly say that nurture matters more in shaping human behaviour more precisely nurture is our natureSocial IsolationCutting people off from the social world is very harmfulStudies of Nonhuman PrimatesHarry and Margaret Harlow placed rhesus monkeys in various conditions of social isolationComplete isolation with adequate nutrition for even 6 months seriously disturbed the monkeys developmentThey discovered that infant monkeys could recover from about 3 months of isolationBy about 6 months isolation caused irreversible emotional and behavioural damageStudies of Isolated ChildrenChildren isolated by abusive family members show the damage caused by depriving human beings of social experienceThree cases of this includeAnnasocially isolate for 5 years causing permanent damageAfter a year an a half she could feed herself and play with toysAt 8 years old her mental development was less than a 2 year oldShe didnt begin to use words until almost 10Died at age 10 from a blood disorderIsabelle6 years of virtual isolation
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