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Chapter 13

Chapter 13 Sociology Notes

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University of Guelph
SOC 1100
Linda Gerber

Chapter 13 Gender StratificationGenderInequalityGender Person traits and social positions that members of society attach to being a female or maleGender operates as a dimension of social organization shaping how we interact w others Comes with hierarchy ranking menwomen differently in terms of power wealth and other resourcesGender Stratification The unequal distribution of wealth power and privilege between menwomenMaleFemale Differences Until 1918 women were denied the vote in Canada bc it was assumed that women did not have enough intelligence or interest in politicsThese views reflected cultural patterns of that timeplaceGender in Global PerspectiveThe Israeli Kibbutz Gender equality one of the stated goals menwomen share in both workdecision makingst Girlsboys raised in same ways and from 1 weeks of life children live together in dorms Women and men in kibbutzim have achieved remarkable social equalityMargaret Meads Research Anthropologist who carried out groundbreaking gender research Said if gender is based on biological differences people everywhere should define feminine and masculine the same If gender is cultural these concepts should vary Based on her findings mead concluded that culture is the key to gender differences because what one society defines as masculine another might see as feminineGeorge Murdocks Research Study f more than 200 preindustrial societies George found some global agreement about which tasks are feminine and which are masculine Found that men hunt game and protect group women did child bearing and home tasks Women did farming same amount as men most farming societies two sexes shared workPat
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