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Chapter 1

Crime Chapter 1

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University of Guelph
SOC 1500
J.Bruce Morton

Crime Chapter 1 Notes The ObjectiveLegalistic Approach Objectivelegalistic value consensusnormative position understands the definition of crime to be factual and precise defines crime as something that is against the law believes the study of crime should be limited to what is in the Criminal Code of CanadaLaws shared customs and beliefs that become legal statutes Goal of criminology is a quest to understand why people break the lawSeveral theories are formed by this approach such as biological psychological and sociologicalGottfredson and Hirschi suggest that crime is based on social consensus and those who break the law do it because they lack self controlCrime and crime control are considered to be objective phenomenaCanadas criminal justice system is modeled on this approachThere are three types of lawAdministrative law form of public law that governs relationships between individuals and the stateCivil law relates to arrangements between individualsIn the Criminal Code violations fall under 3 categories crime against the person property crime offences considered to be plain wrong with no obvious victimTo be found guilty of an offence you need to have Actus reus guilty act and Mens Rea guilty mindChildren under 12 and the insane are unable to form mens rea not held responsible Crime and Social Reaction Howard Becker
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