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SOC 2070
Linda Hunter

Week 11 Readings – SOC2070 – Adler 459-461, 521-524, 103-137, 550-561 Structure of the Deviant Act - deviant acts focus on the particular instance of deviance, nt the relationships surrounding them. - Deviant acts involve one or more people aiming to accomplish a particular deviant goal - These vary widely in character from those during over a period of months to the more fleeting encounters the last only a few minutes, from those conducted alone to those requiring the participation of several or many people, and from those where the participants are face-to-face to those where they are physically separated - Some deviant acts can be accomplished by a lone individual, without recourse in the assistance or presence of other people. - A second type of deviant act involves the cooperation of at least two voluntary participants. o This cooperation usually involves the transfer of illicit goods, like pornography, arms, or drugs - The final type of deviant act is one of conflict between two involved parties o One or more perpetrators force the interaction on the unwilling other(s), or an act seemingly entered into through cooperation turns out with one party setting up the other Deviant Careers - six themes tend to be most commonly addressed in the literature on deviant careers o entering deviance  attracts the greatest bulk of scholarly attention for two reasons: policy makers have great interest in finding out how and why people enter deviance so that they can prevent it, and it represents fairly easy data for most scholars to gather since every individual or group of deviants can tell their story of how they got into the scene o training and socialization  training and socialization of new deviants  relatively little has been written about these areas for a few reasons:  most deviants get relatively little explicit training in how to perform their deviance, how to avoid detection, how to deal with the police, and other important concerns  real training generally occurs when deviants are working together as a team o changes over time  this type of procession analysis represents a highly nuanced understanding of deviance that cannot easily be captured by the frozen-in-time snapshot of most survey research Week 11 Readings – SOC2070 – Adler 459-461, 521-524, 103-137, 550-561 o exiting deviance  like entering deviance there is a high political interest in this topic, as policy makes are looking for ways to induce people to quit their deviance o post-deviant
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