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Chapter 12

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University of Guelph
SOC 2070
Norman Dubeski

Chapter 12Mental Disorder What is Mental DisorderNot easy to define NOT behaviour Mental condition that manifests itself into behaviours thought patterns verbal utterances Mental disorder is a set of conditions that exhibits itself in a wide range of behaviours mental Illness not used in index of American Psychiactric Associations Diagnostic and Statistical Manualo Psychiatrypsych professionals prefer term of Mental disorder Sociologists study o Epidimologythe distribution of mental disorders in the population No single factor or variable relates to all mental disorders Some social characteristics are stat related to mental illness Book refers to mental disorder as schizophrenia and depressionAmerican Psychicatric Association o Issues Diagnostic and Statistical manual of mental disorders DSMIVDoes not define mental disorder lists a range of mental disorderssymptomsOffers sketchy definition of mental disorder Behavioural or psychological syndromepattern from individual Due to present distress disability suffering loss of freedomSuffering
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