SOC2080 Chapter 1: SOC 2080 - COMMODITY CHAPTER 1

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14 Feb 2016
Wednesday, January 7, 2015
SOC 2080
The Intimate Commodity - Chapter 1: Introduction!
Societies food has become a commodity - meaning that the production, transportation,
distribution and consumption of food are subject to the same fundamental forces and
economic laws that apply to other commodities. For ex; cars.
They have a specific/significant socio-economic, cultural, and political characteristics in
regards to how food is produced as well as consumed.
Food has a distinct relationship that is related to social experience that help structure
our lives such as house commodities (video games). They form an essential means of
bringing people together - human existence into social existence.
The Dimension of Consumption
Companion is derived from the french and latin meaning “one who eats bread with
Chinese: for them, food is like an important business transaction, marriage arrangement
are never concluded without having shared food, as the quality of the food sent the
social message.
Malays: rice, is an essential life force that is used to mark the basic stages of life.
Western: integrative function, the family meal has lost its significance because of basic
economic pressures from the labour market and having to eat away from home signifies
displacement of a home based integration.
-the consumption of food and drink also does provide the context for the initiation and
development of romantic/sexual relationships. Madeline states that many wines and
food were believed to promote sexual desire as those who were trying to encourage
those of the lady’s by sending them rich foods. For the church, the foods that are the
most pleasing to the palate are those that promote the strongest lust. “candlelight
-ex; of Adam eating the apple from the Eden garden. - sin & salvation.
-if they have become food commodities, they are now “intimate” because we consume
them inside our bodies by external as well and it is an “essential commodity” because
we cannot live without food.
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